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Tell us a bit about yourself and your practice?

I think I started out as a compulsive doodler. My tutors used to recognise my papers by the scribbles I left in the corners of pages if I forgot to sign them. I think I’m trying to make people look in, nothing more.

You mention that your works are a continuation of each other, that they’re all connected. Can you explain more about this? 

My work is research driven, and I go back to previous projects to inform any new works. I either set limitations, find new areas to explore, focus on a detail that I believe is relevant, and everything spirals from there.

You go back and dive into new areas of study, you meet more people to talk to about it… it’s cyclical. To me, this process makes sense because I’m exploring memory and losing one’s perception of time and space in recapturing these moments.

What materials do you work with? 

The projects usually dictate the materials I choose so there’s always a lot of learning involved. It can be anything, paper, dust, stone.

You maintain a high level of conceptual cohesion while working across a varied range of artistic media – how did you master the many technical skills needed to work with different materials?

The study and use of a material takes a lifetime of dedication. I suppose I hone in on the skills I require to learn to get to the result I want if I’m using something new and try to learn as much as possible from anything I can get my hands on or anyone with the knowledge. You learn a lot by just trying things out on your own as well. Curiosity helps.

Where is your practice headed?

Quite a number of things have changed after starting my post graduate studies. While I don’t see the overall focus of my research shifting too much, I do feel like I’m learning to be less analytical, less clinical, at least in the incipient stages of a project, position intent somewhere further ahead on the timeline of a work and trust an inherent knowledge.

If you could display your work in one place, anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about pointless things, forgotten places, things that blend in, things that disappear and the dissolution of identity that comes with. Perhaps place is irrelevant; I think I’d like to explore that more. I don’t think I can give an answer to this as the place has always been on my mind as something you carry with you.

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